Residential Care

Our Residential Program is therapeutic in nature and focuses on individualizing services and needs for the youth we serve.  The youth who come into our care are most often “broken” and we believe it is our job to help put them back together. We do so by providing individualized care and assisting them in the development of skills that will provide them with an opportunity to be successful and transition back into the community.

The Residential Program is based at our Morningstar Youth Estate Center (MYEC), located in rural southeast coastal Georgia. We’re just north of Brunswick, just south of Darien.

We implement an individualized level system that focuses on the abilities, needs, and skill deficits for each child to monitor their development and/or progress relating to their service plan goals and objectives.  We provide 24-hour watchful oversight with numerous supports on-site to assist each child in being successful in their transition to the least restrictive environment possible.

Our campus consists of many unique aspects that serve as potential positive outlets and supports including:

    • On-Site Public School w/self contained classrooms, a sensory room, media center, greenhouse, garden, and library.
    • Mental Health Clinic (Psychiatrist, Therapists, Community Support Staff)
    • 24-hour (on call) Medical Staff
    • Historic Chapel with optional church services
    • Gymnasium with projector system for theatre capabilities, popcorn maker, snow-cone machine
    • Swimming Pool
    • Playground
    • Bicycles
    • Low Element Ropes Course for Adventure Based Counseling (ABC)
    • Miles of nature trails w/historic sites, swings, bridges, and nature
    • Fenced in Lake (fishing) and Animal Pen (Goats, Donkey, Peacock, Fish, Dog, Cats, Turtles)
    • Screened Pavillion
    • Several Picnic Areas located around campus
    • Hands-on Independent Living Program
    • Fitness Program focused on healthy living
    • Committees comprised of Residents to ensure satisfaction and involvement
    • Off-Campus Activities and Community Involvement
    • Special Olympics Participant
    • On-site Athletics and Leagues
    • Skyping Capabilities for long-distance family relationships and family therapy