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Families During COVID-19

To offer our foster families a break from their new normal, the crew at Morningstar Foster Services has initiated virtual pizza parties. We’re gathering (via video conferencing) with each of our foster families to share a pizza, share some laughs and bring a little levity to another day of observing social distancing and sheltering in place. Pizza is bringing us together despite the miles between us. Thanks to home delivery remaining an essential service, the pizzas arrive (hopefully on time) and our cyber-fun begins.

The pizza parties are a hit. For us at Morningstar Foster Services we have a greater opportunity to learn about our foster kids and our foster families. It’s amazing how captive of an audience kids become when they have a box of hot pizza in front of them. We also have the opportunity to hear from our foster parents and address any needs they are experiencing.

A concern for some of our families was ensuring their foster children’s homework was received and credited by their teachers and schools. We were able to get on top of that issue quickly and bring peace-of-mind to our foster parents.

A video conversation also offers us an opportunity to read the faces of our parents and kids. A little pick me up, like not cooking a meal, is a helpful gesture when parents are feeling weary. We encourage all our parents to find “me time” and take the opportunity to care for themselves as well as they are caring for their children. To coin the old saying: this too shall pass. We all will return to some level of normal and in the meantime Morningstar Foster Care Services stands committed to supporting our families.

This COVID-19 update is by Morningstar Director of Foster Care Services and licensed professional counselor Baxter Peffer. He can be reached at or by phone at 912.261.9923. To learn more about our Foster Care Services, click here.

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