The Secure Families Fund Initiative

A Place to Call Home

Morningstar’s quiet, tranquil campus, located in Glynn County, Georgia, has been called “home” by Georgia’s most in-need children since 1996. Our children, ages 12-18, have an IQ of 40-80 and have often been bounced from home to home and lack stability before arriving at Morningstar. Today, our residential program provides a safe, supportive “home” for up to 52 children, a home not found anywhere else in our state.

More Than Shelter…Home

Providing a group-home environment for at-risk youth requires more than simple shelter. Morningstar employs over 100 support staff including family counselors; an RN and two LPN’s; trained foster care liaisons; experienced, caring cottage staff; a dietary team; and professionals who liaison with state agencies, public schools, and the community. Last year 92 children called Morningstar’s residential campus “home”.

Impacting One Child at a Time

In addition to our Residential Program, which is the nucleus of our mission, Morningstar offers two important services: Family Counseling Clinics (Brunswick and Reynolds, GA) and Foster Homes for children. In 2019, Morningstar connected 676 kids with brighter days through our three programs.

“Jaida came into my courtroom as a child who had been in foster care her entire life. She could not speak due to trauma and abuse. Due to the treatment and care she received at Morningstar, when I saw her again she was recieivng her high school diploma. Morningstar provides comprehensive care for some of our state’s most vulnerable children.”
–Juanita Stedman, Former Juvenile Court Judge of Cobb County, Georgia

Two Ways to Help

State funding always falls short of our need to provide home for the children, and generous foundations, churches, businesses, and individuals step in to fill the gap. You may help through donating to our Permanent Support Fund or Greatest Need Fund below.

Secure Families Permanent Support Fund

Your Gift Keeps Giving

When you designate your gift to the Secure Families Permanent Support Fund, you are providing stability and a protection during state funding delays and slow fundraising seasons. This fund earns interest but is never spent.

Secure Families Greatest Need Fund

Our Greatest Need, Now

For generous supporters who want to see their gifts used now, the Morningstar Secure Families Campaign includes a Greatest Need Fund, which allows our Board of Directors and Staff to thoughtfully meet immediate needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the Greatest Needs?
Transportation: We provide daily transportation for our kids to attend doctors appointments, meetings, school, and community activities.

Program: Residential, Counseling, Foster Care

Creating Home: It takes a lot of everything to care for 52 children at home.

Activities: Support items our children need and frequently request.

Is my contribution to the Secure Families Fund annual, monthly, or one-time?
We welcome your pledge in any format. You may choose to make a one-time gift, a monthly contribution, or an annual contribution.
Morningstar Children and Family Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization licensed by the state of Georgia. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

Our Wishlists

We welcome and appreciate donations of items our children need and frequently request.

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Morningstar welcomes and appreciates volunteers. Thinking about getting involved?

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Morningstar is a 501(c)(3) agency. Your donations are tax deductible, subject to IRS rules.

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Community Partners

The generosity of our community partners supports the work we do here at Morningstar. We recognize a different group of supporters each quarter.

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